Friday, December 3, 2010

2011 Calendars - Portland & Chicago


I'm really excited about my latest project, just listed in my Etsy shop today. I went through all the photos I've taken during the last few months living here in Portland and the last few years for Chicago and picked out some of my favorites from each. They are both great cities for architecture and public art, and that's where my interests lie when I explore new places. I'm pleased with the mix of old and new buildings in these calendars, both are of interest to me, and I hope they interest others as well! The date and name of the building (or, alternatively, artwork or public spaces) pictured is indicated just below each image.

Interestingly, both of these cities use the slogan: "The city that works!" I'd heard of Chicago using it before we moved there, but I've seen it here in Portland on Parks Department Vehicles. I have the feeling, which I've discussed with my parents who still live there, that Chicago means it a little more in the hardworking, getting things done sense, while for Portland it seems like a slogan that goes along with their "we planned, it works" sensibility. You can't deny Chicago does have incredible transit and great architecture! They are two cities with more than just a slogan in common.


Anyway, There are currently 4 listings up in my etsy shop: 2 each for Chicago and Portland. You can buy a printed version, on heavy card stock, which will be shipped to you (order by Dec. 17th for delivery by Christmas Day!) Or, perhaps for last minute shoppers, a PDF version of each is available. Those will get e-mailed to you for print out on your home printer, and assembly just involves slicing six 8.5"x11" sheets in half! 

I've created a new section in my shop for these calendars for easier browsing: 2011 Calendars