Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Showing off Portland: Day 2 (Saturday)

PSU Market Pepper Wreaths
We started our Saturday with a stroll through the PSU Farmers Market. It's still huge, and this weekend there was music and a pumpkin carving contest. It was great to see all the pumpkins and wreaths! After resting at our apartment a little we headed over (by transit again) to Old Town. We had a big lunch at the Peoples' Sandwich before heading to the Chinese Gardens.

Lan Su Chinese Gardens Pom
The Groupon for Portland on Friday happened to be 2 for 1 admission to the Chinese Garden, and we timed our visit nicely so we got there right when a tour was starting. It was a nice contrast to our last visit on their free day in honor of the 10th anniversary, which was a crowded sunny day. With overcast skies I felt like I was noticing a lot of fruit on the trees including pomegranate, persimmon and pears. 

The Seagull and Cormorant (3 of 3) Cormorant (2 of 3)
We walked by Voodoo Doughnut, and I had planned to be sure to take my parents there, but we were all still very stuffed from the Peoples' Sandwich and there was a fairly long line as usually when we walked by on our way to the Saturday Market. Wandering the market we saw a huge Marimba band at one stage, and there were street performers as well as a rock band on another stage. My mom found a hat she liked at one booth, and another booth provided us with an informational flyer on the Benson Bubblers, which he was selling on cute tote bags and t-shirts. We walked out to the waterfront and got to see some local wildlife, a battle over turf between a seagull and a cormorant. It was a little wet out that day and I think the cormorant was trying to dry off since he kept flapping his wings.

Day 3 will cover Pizza, our trip up the hill to Washington Park with the Japanese and International Rose Test Gardens!

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