Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Chuck's Pot Pie & Vegan MoFo

Chuck's Vegan Pot Pie Chuck's Vegan Pot Pie

Look what Chuck made us for dinner this week! It lasted us two nights since there were 4 total. He's been very interested in playing with crusted/stuffed baked meals lately. A few weeks ago he made us pasties, pictured below, (and not to be confused with the other kind of pasties.) I think we had been watching something British, in which Cornish Pasties were mentioned, and ever since he's been interested in the idea. Personally, I was a little more excited about the Banoffee Pie I recall being mentioned on one show (The Old Guys, which has a great theme song) and I'd love to try a vegan version sometime soon.  But meanwhile I certainly can't complain about Chuck's experimentation with yummy filled crust dinners. The crust on these was great! I asked him about posting a recipe or something here, but he says he's still experimenting.


Meanwhile it is the Vegan Month of Food (or Vegan Mofo, heehee) which means there are great images of vegan food, recipies and all sorts of yumminess appearing on blogs all over the internet. I'm not doing it this year, though I did a few years ago and it was great fun. One great way I've found to sort through the posts is using google's blog search. But of course the official blog is also a great way to get a round-up of the best posts. Ooh! these cranberry-chocolate tarteletts just caught my eye. Please excuse me while I go make a new bookmarks folder... 

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