Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving/Tempeh Loaf Day

With Kitty Corner Windows & Table

Some pre-food prep. preparation went on before Thanksgiving this year over the course of the preceding week. This involved finally agreeing to locations and arrangements for the cubbies and poster pictured above on the left, hanging the ork posters, buying some chairs at Ikea and quickly making a tablecloth and runner (pictured above on the right) on thanksgiving morning. 

Cookbook and Moulin Rouge Shredded Tempeh and Mixed up stuff

Holiday preparations usually put me in the mood for watching old movies and/or movie musicals. While preparing our food we set up the laptop so we could see it from the kitchen and watched Moulin Rouge & Funny Face. Funny Face is one of my favorite movies. After having a really odd dream the night before involving carrying Lucy around Paris, witnessing a murder and being chased down the Seine, I was really in the mood for it. (Charade, another one of my favorites, might have been a more appropriate choice, but we'd watched that much more recently, and I prefer watching musicals on holidays.) 


I decided to make the Tempeh Loaf from the Real Food Daily cookbook this year. We've done Field Roast and Tofurkey in the past; I think last year I insisted on Tofurkey since it was really the only time of year we have it. I like it alright, but this year I just felt like making something myself rather than using a prepackaged item was more fun, more adult. I am officially old now after all. Chuck roasted veggies that we bought last weekend at the market, mashed some sweet potatoes. We found a package of stuffing this year from a local bakery, which did not have the typical vegan-unfriendly enzymes, etc. And we made up Golden Gravy, also from the Real Food Daily Cookbook. 

We had a very nice, cozy thanksgiving! I'm in the mood for the holiday season to start, and we're off to check out the tree lighting ceremony downtown later today. Happy holidays!


VeganCraftastic said...

Your meal looks great and your last minute table runner is lovely!

Emma said...

Thanks! It turned out pretty well for last minute.