Monday, May 17, 2010

School's out forever!

Technology is in the name of the school I guess. It's Actually in there

We're officially both Masters of Architecture! Okay, so I got my degree from University of Washington back in 2006, so I've been done for a while. But it still feels like a huge deal for Chuck to be done. We saw the need for a graduate degree as an opportunity to gain experiences in diverse locations, understanding the architectural environment of each. Chicago and Seattle both certainly have their own distinct history, and earning your degree there gives an even greater insight into that past than simply living in a city and working there affords you. But it's been a long process and I am glad it's finally over! We're not entirely sure what happens next, but this time we get to make a decision that's not based on where the accredited graduate programs are located, in other words: we're free!!!

Also, I have to mention, the commencement took place in Crown Hall, a historic landmark. Chuck is quite familiar with it & had classes there. But I haven't spent much time there and it was lovely to have such a gathering there even if a) space was very limited and b) views were some what blocked. It was designed as the architecture building, so there are some permanent wood pin-up boards. But I did get to snap a few shots of the graduate, so all is good.

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