Saturday, June 19, 2010

Month of Busy in photos

The last month or so has been busy and fun. We had a guest come to town who had never been to Chicago before, so we did all the classics.

Macys (Marshall Fields) Ceiling

Millennium Park:
Lurie Garden and Modern Wing

I gave my tour of the Robie House:
Front Porch

Chuck's Campus, which has my favorite bathroom:
Bathroom Mirrors

Water Taxi:
Chicago Water Taxi

And the Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier:
Ferris Wheel
Then we spent the entire last day of her visit in the Field Museum because it's such a great place. Worked out nicely too since that was the one stormy day! We learned a lot about strange birds like this one:
Lady Amherst's Pheasant
Yeah, being a tourist in the city you live in is pretty fun. I probably had just as much fun as our guest did!

After she left, we had a couple of free music events. She & Him! For Free! In the Pritzker Pavillion! Of course it was great, and packed!:
M. Ward, off to the side
The Blackhawks won the Stanley cup, which normally I don't care at all about sports, but that was a big deal. Happened to be going to City Hall right at the beginning of the parade, which was crazy! And they dyed the fountian in Daley, which is a little creepy.:
stanley cup party crowd and red fountain

Then the Blues festival:
Tattoos and Tights

I helped (and brought Chuck along too) get all of the planters at the Robie house planted, first time they've been able to get all of the planters filled! So now it looks as it was intended to look. There's not really much of a yard there, but you have planters on every level:
Urn and Porches

It's been rainy with rainbows:
After Rain

and last night we got high speed winds, but for less than an hour. Long enough to do this at our apartment building:

And lastly, I finally finished my diminishing rib cardigan and took pics of it after the storm yesterday:
Diminishing Rib Cardigan

So that about covers the last month or so!


VeganCraftastic said...

That cardigan looks great on you, I love the color! Looks like you had a fun month :)

Sara said...

What lovely photos! Makes me want to come be a tourist in Chicago too!