Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Knitting Slang term of the Day: Startitis

I guess while I was studying for my last test I must have had knitting in the back of my mind, because the last week or so I've had what knitters call "startitis" pretty bad. I started about 4 projects. You already saw the easter bunnies. The rest range in project scale and therefore the amount of time these projects should take me varies. Of course with so many projects going on at once that means that they will each take longer, depending on where my focus falls...

Exhibit A:
Diminishing Rib Cardigan

Diminishing Rib Cardigan from Interweave Knits, Spring 2009 in Rowan Calmer that I've had in the stash for too long, which I stocked very early on for a sweater I decided was too problematic. On Ravelry

Exhibit B:
Sam Socks
Sam Socks from Cookie A.'s sock innovation. Crystal Palace Panda Cotton yarn was in the discount bin of the local yarn shop recently, and I want to start making some of the socks from this book I got for Christmas last year. On Ravelry

Exhibit C:
Triangle Cat
And lastly, inspired by the bunny nuggets, I wanted to do my take on a cute little stuffed toy made of scraps. I guess I'm calling him Triangle Cat, which I believe to be a sort of calico due to my yarn choice. I've decided I really prefer the Blue Sky Cotton for these, but in a pinch the Lily cotton works too. It's perhaps the best use I've found for the Blue Sky yarn so far, it makes for a super soft and cuddly animal. There may be more of these in the future...meanwhile, I just took some quick snapshots, and I'm going to have to try to grab some nicer pictures soon.


Leslie said...

We enjoyed looking at the other photos of your "T-Cat" & projects. Grandma says "hi" & see you soon in Chicago.

ambika said...

Oh, I think this applies to *every* craft!

Emma said...

Lol, that's true. If I looked in my other supplies as intently as I look at my knitting, I'd probably have to write about 6 more posts on the subject....