Friday, April 23, 2010

Hello Spring! at the Chicago Botanic Garden

My Grandma is in town this week, and we are showing her around a bit, so yesterday we took her up to the Chicago Botanic Garden. Things are just getting started up there, it's definitely spring! Of course, it was still pretty chilly. I started out our visit with my sweatshirt hood up, and great big sunglasses on. For some reason I don't think this deterred my dad from taking some pics of me, as unidentifiable as I was, so you might see some pics of that silliness show up on his flickr in the next day or two (though hopefully not!) The chill also means my lips are very chapped today, but I was so busy taking way too many photos to notice it was happening.

My parents have a membership at the garden, and I know they are excited to start going from now until fall to see how the plantings change over the seasons. I went with them a few times over the last year or so, though not nearly as often as they visit. You can check out my photos from this visit and previous ones over on my flickr set dedicated to the gardens. I suppose I have a tendancy to photography the architecture there a little more than most people; I was a little more interested in the greenhouse than usual on this trip. But I also like to snap pictures of the birds, even if a Grackle, Robin and Chickadee aren't all that uncommon. Lastly, I really liked this flower, though I have no idea what it is called! Leave me a comment if you know, I should have looked for a marker. But there was a lot to see!