Monday, January 5, 2009


So I sorta started out 2009 with a big ol' lapse in posts here on the blog. Sorry about that. Recovering from the holidays, trying to figure out the New Year, excuses excuses. Anyway...

It seems I always spend the first week or so trying to decide how to approach the whole resolution thing. And I always seem to feel unresolved about it for some time, usually until everything just dissolves back into normal behavior. I've also tried not making resolutions...but I do like them in theory. So a few weeks before the year turns around I tend to feel confident I have some idea of what my resolutions will be and how I will approach them. And then the holiday comes around, I sleep in the next day which makes it difficult to get going on the resolutions right away...and I end up having several false starts before giving whatever it is up in some sense and just presuming I will be somewhat better about everything in a very vague non-committal way.

But this year in the lead up to resolution planning and failure there were some fun thoughts I had. Which may or may not actually happen in 2009 but that I would like to keep in mind as things I might like to do. Of course I made some boring "be healthier" type resolutions, but I'd really only like to go into the fun ones here. So here are some things I might like to do this year:

- Sew up a skirt or other garment for myself. Thus improving my sewing abilities and confidence in them.
- Make some kind of animation even if it's just a flip book. I've always enjoyed and wanted to create an animation of some kind, so sometime this year hopefully I'd like to give it a shot. I'm sure it will be crude, but as long as it's fun.
- Knit only from stashed yarns - Ok less fun, but trust me I have enough to last me for the year. And it will be fun to get stuff off my queue without spending more money!
- Read at least one book a month - little more serious one, 2008 wasn't the best year for reading for me and this year I would definitely like to know I read at least 12 books. I couldn't tell you how many I did read in 2008, but it didn't feel like I was reading enough!
- Design and have a pattern printed at Spoonflower and then also make something with it.
- Print something with Potatoes I've never done this somehow. I got the Lotta Jansdotter Prints book for Christmas which should provide additional inspiration on the subject!
- Fuse Plastic Bags - I like the way it looks and I've been seeing lots of tutorials for this in the past year or so. If I can figure out how to effectively avoid the fumes...

Ok, well that felt like a fun and optimistic way to look ahead to the next year. Like I said I still have un-fun stuff to sort out like going to the gym regularly resolutions and a few professional goals to tackle. But thinking about what crafts I might explore this year is a bit more fun.


VeganCraftastic said...

Oooh, Spoonflower looks super cool, I never heard of it before, thanks for posting about it!

Erin Ptacek said...

I had briefly resolved to sew only from stashed fabrics. Then I forgot. But seeing as how the fabric I just bought is about to go INTO the stash, I can pretend, right?

ambika said...

That spoonflower thing is out of control. I love the idea & wish I had the talent to utilize it.

Emma K. Nolan said...

There was a really handy post over at Design Sponge about making repeating patterns:
Other than that, I think I need to come up with a project before I start designing & ordering stuff, or else it could get outta control!