Saturday, January 17, 2009

Flickr Favorites

Reflect new Flickr pools I've been into lately (involving cats and knitting, go figure), plus some activities like protecting our couch from the cat (we have not yet covered it in foil,) watching the spire go up on the Trump tower and snow from various regions.

1. Beamish, 2. Cropped Cardi, 3. 13 January 2009, 4. Jan 14, 5. RoboCouch, 6. Gathered Cardi, 7. Linden, 8. Cabled, 9. Creationists' Closet 2, 10. Field Museum, 11. ., 12. ., 13. Hunting on the snow, 14. Not available, 15. Trump Tower Spire 3, 16. Holiday Decor, 17. Weapons of mass destruction, 18. abu, 19. poinsettia belt, 20. Cat Hoodie - Making Me Purrrrrr...., 21. Snowy hose 12/21, 22. queen anne ave sledders, 23. 5:15, 24. Andrew Bird at Hideout, December 15, 2008, 25. Pomegranate III


chiaroscuro1222 said...

hehe. i like the cat in the blue long sleeve tshirt.

ambika said...

The cat in the sweater caught my eye too! Too funny!

Emma said...

Heehee. I've joined the "my cat is evil and trying to take over the world" flickr pool. Also, the cat outfit to the right of that is a knitting pattern avaliable here: