Sunday, January 11, 2009

Knitting and (or vs.?) shopping

Twined Rib Socks Waffle Rabe Hat
This week I completed two out of the four projects I've promised to gift Chuck. I actually managed to start and finish the hat pictured above in 2 evenings. (it's done, I just prefer the in progress photo at the moment. There are a few more photos on my flickr and hopefully soon I'll get one with Chuck in it, depending on how cooperative he feels.) So this just leaves finishing off the scarf and sweater. They may even get wrapped as birthday presents toward the end of the month, although I think Chuck might prefer just to have them when they're done.

Also I just got back from a little shopping at Kohl's. They had some nice markdowns and cute items. Several very knitterly sweaters on the racks I was finding hard to resist. I bought the one pictured here, which was actually the main reason we headed out that way. I saw it before and just finally decided to spend some christmas money on it! Anyway, I noticed a similar prevalence of nice cables and laces last time I stopped by H&M as well. Part of me is a little frustrated to see this stuff for so much cheaper than it would be to make it, but mostly it's kind of nice to see this kind of pretty detail easily avaliable. I guess maybe I can save my wrists a bit an maybe not knit all of my clothing. I suppose.

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