Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Movie Day

Aaron Ekhart & Fake Rain
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Feeling lately like there's a lot of things I would like to blog about but it's a matter of finding the time. Photos make it a little easier.

Today there was filming going on at the pike place market, which my office is adjacent to. Yes, I managed to be in the way by being a big dork taking pictures. I stood around watching for a while on my lunch break and caught a scene with one of the main actors walking through traffic with a brief case. On my way out at the end of the day I checked in again. I got to watch them making rain. The rigging for the rainmaker was up all day, and I was a little disappointed I didn't manage to see them use it on my lunch break. Fortunately some waiting around after work (and inadvertently standing around in the crowd of extras that got rained on for a bit until a guy with a headset moved me along) proved fruitful and I got my fake rain. Hooray for Hollywood. With out them we'd have no rain in Seattle....or wait...that's not right.

Anyway it was neat for a day but a bit chaotic. Being able to peruse the Market is exciting enough for me on most days. Everyone once and a while I'm okay with a movie filming long as they run it by me first! ; )

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Dawn said...

Any idea what they're filming? Wonder if they'll be back another day... we're only a few blocks from the Market at work also. :)

Emma said...

We were told it was "Traveling" which Jennifer Aniston is also staring in but not in any of the Seattle scenes! Sounds like a romantic comedy.
I think most of it will be filmed in Vancouver.