Sunday, March 16, 2008

Comsumption this week & a bit of last

Food: Vegan Cupcakes from PCC...other store bought items. We really need to make a serious grocery run!

Film: We went to see Be Kind Rewind last weekend because I heart Michel Gondry. (He's #68 on the Stuff White People like blog, which is a very silly blog Chuck's been amused by lately. I also happen to think Mos Def is cute, they failed to mention his cuteness in item #69.) So I liked this movie in spite of Jack Black, who I'm okay with, just not crazy about. He can be annoying. But his personality suited this movie alright. And now I want to "Swede" something.

Materials: I just finished my sweater last week. So now it's on to new and different yarn. I have parts of several knitting projects going on including some experimenting with ideas from a Japanese knitting book. I'm waiting on some yarn from Nordic Mart that I think will work to make one of the new Knitty patterns, Nob Hill. (My knitting seems a little worldly this week!)

In Etsy related materials, I really need to get going on consuming some paper, sterling silver and beads. I vow to do that this week!

Music: After a post at Into the Fray I downloaded (from emusic) an album by Kudu. Now I can't get the track "Love me in your language" out of my head, which is fine, cause I love it. It's been a great album this week to wake me up and keep me going. I've even jogged to it a the gym a few times recently.

Books: I'm still reading What is the What by David Eggers. It's extremely engaging, I feel very attached to the main character. I almost feel like I have to make sure to "check in" daily to see what's happened to him by reading a little bit each day. I haven't had a lot of time to read so that kind of works out well!


Woven Chains said...

Emma, what types of yarn do you you usually use. I have some fun, mostly novelty and scarf yarns looking for a good home.

Emma said...

You're trying to tempt me with yarn! Well I am kinda like a cat in that that will work on me! :P

I think my collection is rather lacking in novelty yarns. I always want to buy it cause it looks fun, but I'm never quite sure what I'll do with it. I'd love to take some off your hands to play around with!

Woven Chains said...

Emma, I have to drop off Swag bag stuff in a couple of weeks, maybe we can arrange an exchange.

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