Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Potential new project alert! Oh no. I don't need one of those right now! The IKEA loveseat to the right is sitting outside of our
building's laundry room right now with a post-it that says "free." And I've had a problem with collecting seating since I was a kid. I had at least 3 of those butterfly chairs in my room in high school. They kept going on sale. At least those were collapsible.

Not helping the situation is a post about some cool new fabrics at Apartment Therapy. Yep, right there in the lower right hand corner is the rocking chair from the same IKEA line. With super cute fabric all over it. I could do that...maybe...eventually. Trouble is I have all kinds of unfinished projects like this. None this big though (I'm not very experienced sewing, so this seems a little big.) I could do it though...it's worth trying.

Then again I could just replace the cushion covers...I'm pretty busy right now...it'd be cheaper than the amount I'd end up spending on cute fabric. That would only cost $40.

Hm. Now where am I going to stick this thing? And do I really need seating for 5 (on cushy couch/armchair type things) in an apartment with 2 people living in it? Hm...I don't think I can be rational here...there's too much "free" happening.

UPDATE: Someone else couldn't pass it up and nabbed it before I had a chance. I was working on clearing a space for it! Oh well, I suppose it's better this way in some respects. Would've been a fun project though!


imakecutestuff said...

I totally understand. Free is a tough price to beat! Be sure to post a pic of your finished project! :)

Woven Chains said...

Emma, my new mantra with projects that I feel I shouldn't take on is "I need another time/money sink like I need another hole in my head." Unfortunately, it doesn't work very well. Good luck with your new project!

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