Sunday, January 20, 2008


Valentine's Card
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I officially have more than just jewelry in my shop. Since I started my shop back in October I've been itching to have something more. Admittedly by "something more" I meant goccoed cards and sketchbooks. Fortunately my boyfriend was observant enough to realize this and get me a PG-11 for my birthday. Yey! So after playing with it some for Christmas cards and tags, I've finally gotten around to focusing on making some stuff for the shop. Okay, so I made some of these cards for friends and family as well. Nonetheless, my shop has become slight more diverse!
Look for the new Paper Goods section in my shop!


Anandi said...

wow, that card is gorgeous (as is your photography!!). I love the simple, modern look.

Emma said...

Thanks Anandi, the shop has been quite so far this year, that really perks me up!

Rekoj said...

LOVE LOVE the LOVE card! Is the red gocco'd or is it made from seperate papers? Either way it's totally lovely!