Friday, November 18, 2011

Birthday Cheesecake!

Wednesday was my second sixteenth birthday (okay, I'll just say it, I'm 32. I think it's going to be pretty good year.) Chuck made me this awesome vegan chocolate cheesecake from the book Sinfully Vegan. In the past few years I've been all about birthday cupcakes, but after some discussion we decide we were a little tired of birthday cupcakes. Though I still want cupcakes randomly all year for no good reason.

It was a very good birthday involving dinner at Portobello and some very good gifts. One was a nice new cellphone which I'm attempting to use to blog for the very first time right now...I'll have to check if this turns out all wonky.

And now I'm in Chicago hanging out with my family through the holiday! I'm hopeful this phone works out okay for blogging so I can post some pictures and updates of my visit while I'm here!

Update: Okay it turned out a bit wonky with the images, but I updated it by hoping on my parents computer for a few moments. I was just using blogger app for android, if anyone knows of a more awesome app (free preferably) for android that deals with pictures better please let me know!