Thursday, May 3, 2012

Spring Bloom Recap

I'm very behind on blog posts lately, lots has been happening. I'd like to cover a lot of that in the next week or so here on the blog, but I thought I'd start off with an easy photo-heavy post about flowers. Early in the month the Cherry Blossoms were out on the waterfront & throughout the city. Camellias were all over the place. We went on trip and now that we're back there are different flowers in bloom & things are looking a little greener. I will have to get out and take more pictures, but for now here's what was in bloom in early April.

Cherry Blossoms at the Waterfront:
Cherry blossoms  

Cherry Blossoms Elsewhere, at Voodoo Doughnuts Too (where they match so nicely) & in the Northwest District:
Voodoo Too Ruffly Cherry Blossom

Huge bushes teeming with scores of stunningly perfect Camellia. Also taken in the Northwest District, but they are all over town. I can't decide if I prefer the trendy gradient camellia or the really perfect pink ones. The bush with the pink flowers was huge with so many perfect blooms whereas the gradient one was small with only a few:

I'm learning the names of plants as I go, with some help from facebook friends, google, & wikipedia. That lead me to conclude recently that these plants in bloom on the Eastbank Esplanade are Red Currant & Oregon Grape. I think the Oregon Grape is prevalent all over downtown Portland and until recently my best guess was blueberry because it does, I think, grow blue berries later in the year. Apparently they are neither grapes nor blueberries but have been used medicinally. Here they are together with one of the public artworks by a group of artists & architects known as RIGGA called "Alluvial Wall":

Oregon Grape & Red Flowering Currant w/Alluvial Wall Red Flowering Currant Alluvial Wall

And with that I think it's about time I hiked up into Washington park again to see what's happening in the Rose Test Garden. There may not be any roses yet but there are plenty of other interesting blooms. Plus it's good exercise!


affectioknit said...

So very pretty!

Have a lovely day!

John Hayes said...

Great blossom photos & good info on them too. I've had to learn the local blossoms this spring, too, but you may be ahead of me there. I also didn't know that sculpture is called Alluvial Wall--I was just there this past weekend!

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