Friday, May 18, 2012

Portland Events: May 18th - 20th

Suddenly it's spring, the weather is nicer and there is so much stuff happening every weekend. It will probably stay this way until winter. Here are a few things I think might be pretty interesting this weekend, some (all? I don't know if that's possible) of which I'm planning on doing.:

Kenton Street Fair Bunyan

Irvington Home Tour, Sun. May 20th, 11am-5pm (w/a lecture at 1:30pm included in the ticket price) $20/person.

NW Animation Festival, Fri. May 18th & Sat. May 19th, 7pm-11pm, Hollywood Theater $15/one night, $25/both. We have tickets for both. The schedule is here. They'll be showing the Oscar nominees, Work by John Frame who currently has an amazing exhibit at the Art Museum, making of LAIKA's next feature, and Bill Plympton will be there Saturday night. (They just aired his couch gag for the Simpsons a few weeks ago, did you see it?)

Kenton Street Fair, Sun. May 20th, 10am-6pm A great reason to visit this north Portland neighborhood, and it's historic Paul Bunyan Statue.  

Free Monthly Showcase at Mississippi Studios, Sat. May 19th, 9:30 doors, 10pm show with Wild Ones, who we saw open for Y La Bamba last year at Doug Fir Lounge. They were good!

And Luz Elena Mendoza of Y La Bamba will be at Al's Den for a residency for the week starting May 20th. It's free & will be at 7pm every night from May 20th (Sun.) to May 26th (next Sat.)

And of course the Farmer's Markets are in full swing. We will surely stop by the PSU Market as usual!


John Hayes said...

Nice itinerary! I really enjoyed the Rhododendron Garden this afternoon, & I'll be at Mississippi Studios for Calico Rose et al tomorrow! The animation film fest sounds great.

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