Sunday, January 3, 2010

Amy Poehler, tour guide

I highly recommend the above issue of Bust Magazine, mainly for the interview with Amy Poehler. I've been enjoying her show, Parks & Recreation, via hulu since episode one. But the reason it's on my mind today is because I did a few tours at the Robie House today and it brought the interview to mind. When asked what her non-acting dream job would be she said she'd like to be a tour guide. "I could have a little bit of an audience and be an expert and talk about this thing I'm really passionate about and work from, like, noon to four." Well that's pretty much what I did today!

I also really liked her description of her son's personality being like a french new wave film. Anyway, this issues has been out for a little while already, but I think it's still on news stands!

PS I embedded the issue as a widget via Bust. you should be able to view it full screen and zoom in, but probably not quite enough to read a whole article unless you're particularly ambitious. Still, it's fun to play with!

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