Saturday, September 19, 2009


Site Announcement: I'm renaming my blog "I apologize for not blogging more often" No, not really. But it's been a while yet again! And there's no one major reason for that, other than lots of reasons including a new job, volunteering, studying for exams, etc. But yeesh, how long does it take to blog anyway? Not that long at all.

So the thought I had for today's post was about knitting (not surprising!) Chuck recently ordered French Girl Knits for me. He's so sweet! And I'm also feeling thankful towards amazon. Chuck was ordering books for school and need a little bit extra to get that super saver shipping, so he thought he might as well get me a knitting book!

Now that I have it I want to knit it from cover to cover. I'm not exaggerating, I like everything in it. The fact that the patterns tend toward the seamless construction does not hurt at all. I've really loved the seamless patterns I've done (including the Frontier Jacket, the Shalom and the Leaf Cardigans) They tend to get done, while other seamed projects remain UFOs (un-finished objects for the non-knitters.) I love them and advocate their loveliness to any knitter who mentions they haven't moved on from scarves and other rectangles yet. Maybe one day I'll get over my issues with seaming (I just dislike it!) but until then I have a book full of lovely patterns. And if I do manage to manage to knit through the whole book, I'll at least try to blog some of my progress.

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