Monday, February 16, 2009

Making some noise

Just a little peep for now. This post is really more of a note to self to kick start more frequent posting again. I've been up to stuff, just not bloggy-crafty fun stuff. 2009 will be my year of exams for licensing. So I expect that means an ever fluctuating rate of blog post frequency. So, if it gets quiet around here again, you may suspect that is the reason why.
Well, in spite of being too busy with that sort of thing to do anything (like erm...keep the place tidy) I do manage to relax with some knitting in down time. Of course being busy and distracted means that I'm not getting anything really complex done. Poor Chuck is still waiting on his sweater...haven't had a good enough attention span for seaming. But I did finish of a funky tote bag. Nothing too fancy, just garter stitch and will probably mainly see use as a new location for stashing yarn or projects, but it's still a decent F.O. Also stashed some taupe Maizy (corn based) yarn for some stockings and got a false start on a scarf. Really liked the pattern, just not in that particular blue cotton yarn. Oh well. Anyway. Yes I will try to make more noise here on the blog...

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