Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Our Tofurkey Day

Tofurkey & sides
It might seem to some that Thanksgiving is maybe not the best holiday for vegans, but this is not the case. Think of all the glorious veggie side dishes! And these days it's pretty easy to pick up a Tofurkey at the store. The past few years it's been a small affair for us because of the distance between Seattle and Ohio. This year we're closer but with Chuck's classes coming to a close and the need for someone to watch my parent's cat while they traveled we stuck around. And that's fine since I've really enjoyed having a whole day all about cooking lots of stuff every year. We've got a handful of recipes we typically use, though every year I take notes on how I might adjust them a bit better to our taste. And one of these years I hope I actually remember that I did that and take a look at my notes from past years before I start cooking! Ok, so this year I forgot that again...but really the recipies only require some minor tweeks. A little more sugar in the cornbread, try out more broth on the stuffing, etc. But it all turned out well..and made up several dinners and lunches for us. Oh, and there was Pie of course, mostly by Chuck though I did mix up the dough for the crust and help out some cutting up the apples. Every year I think I should make more of these dishes on other occassions, hopefully this year I will. Particularly the cornbread, which would be fantastic with some Chili!


Rekoj said...

Oh my - that looks so good that I'm hungry right now! Do your green beans have oranges in them? They look amazing!

Tami (Vegan Appetite) said...

What a great dinner! I'm with you.... I think I'm going to try to incorporate some of these holiday dishes once a month or so. They're too good to have once a year!

Emma K. Nolan said...

I like the green bean recipie from a Barnes & Noble Veggie cookbook. We've basically gone off of it every year, but with just the beans simmered in the white wine & broth it calls for. This year I decided to make it look a bit more like the pictures so it has pine nuts, onions and tomatoes (probably what looks like oranges.) Even so I think it's the wine that makes it a hit for me, I like food prepared in alcohol so much!