Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Goccoed Biz Cards Drying

Goccoed Biz Cards Drying
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This is really the first serious attempt to gocco. Very fun I have to say! We only ran into a couple of little glitches. We intended to print 4 cards at a time so the master had two bars of bead illustrations. The right side did not want to print very well. The original (from the copier) was ever so slightly lighter on that side and we thought maybe that had something to do with it not printing. So we split up the cards even more to print two at a time, just in green instead of green and blue as planned. After that the whole printing process was great.

Then there was the complicated matter of cleaning the screen. My gocco came with a tube labeled on in Japanese and with an icon of a hand with a sponge swiping a white stripe through the black background. Must be the international symbol for "this is a tube of cleaning goo." The instructions we had told us it should remove all the ink in 2-3 tries....but we kept adding more goo and there was still ink. Just as well though, it'd be nice to try making this screen again to see if we can figure out how to get that whole 4 cards at a time thing to work.

Regardless I am ready to go to town goccoing. Next task is our Christmas cards!

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