Monday, December 5, 2011

Speaking of Wreaths

I wanted to have some Christmas-y-ness for Crafty Wonderland this weekend, so I made up a bunch of these knit wreaths. My grandma has been suggesting for a month or so now that I make some ornaments to sell, even going to the trouble of sending me a few really cool crocheted snowflakes my aunt made a while back. At thanksgiving I noticed a cute crocheted wreath on her tree too, and decided to do my knit version of the idea. Maybe next year I'll try to make some snowflakes if I can figure something out. For now these fit with my current enthusiasm for wreaths. I made a dozen or so, and perhaps I'll make more if time allows!


affectioknit said...

Those are really cute! Do you kitchener stitch them at the end...?

Have a lovely day!

Emmakat said...

I was having the best luck so far with a 3-needle bind off. I didn't play with Kitchener stitch though, for some reason. I think that would work pretty well too!

VeganCraftastic said...

Those are super cute! And I love that they're non-breakable for homes that have kitties and dogs :)

Emmakat said...

Thanks! Yeah, they won't break if your kitty is a tree climber! My parents cat used to be, but he's much too old for that now. ;)