Friday, December 9, 2011

2012 Calendar Giveaway!

The Giveaway is now closed, thanks to everyone who entered!


This year I thought I'd do a calendar giveaway that will ship out in time for Christmas! 

The winner will get, as pictured above:
This giveaway is open to both U.S. and International people and will include shipping.

Two ways to Enter: 
Become a fan of my shop on facebook, or if you prefer Google+, and leave a comment below letting me know you're a new fan,
Visit my etsy shop and leave a comment below indicating your favorite item.
(Also please make sure I can find a way to contact you! If I can't track something down I will unfortunately have to skip your entry and you won't be entered to win!) 

I will announce the winner on December 16th, 2011!!! Thanks for entering & Good Luck!

The Giveaway is now closed, thanks to everyone who entered!


VeganCraftastic said...

Ooh, thanks for the chance to win! I'm a fan on Facebook :)

Sabrine said...

Hello :) Thanks for giving us a chance :) Fan on Facebook :)

ambika said...

Ooo, you know I've always loved your cards but I also love the fingerless little two-tone handwarmers in your shop as well.

Anonymous said...

very cool! (i'm brennan williams on facebook)

Ruthie said...

Love the Roman Coin necklace!
rawhorne at yahoo dot com

Morphine said...

I did both. on FB I'm Keya Millionie. Also I love this item since I live in Oregon and LOVE Portland.


Modern Buttercup said...

Visited your shop and loved the
Raincloud Matchbook-style Notepad. So cute! (It would be awesome to write in!)

- modernbuttercup on Etsy

Siennasai said...

The calendar looks great! I liked your Facebook page. And, looking at your shop, I also love the Teal Seed Stitch Fingerless Mitts.

leecindermoon at yahoo dot com

hushpuppies said...

Glad I found your shop, what a great shop you have! Im a new fan on FB and I really like your Adinkra Card, perfect for Christmas! :)

hush puppies 95 at gmail dot com

Silver said...

wow love the hanging calendar!

Like the Emmakat Jewelry . Paper . Knits !
fb name: Irmz Lagz

and click on google +

silverlilacc at hotmail dot com

YulyaShenka said...

FB : Lucky-Angel And-Giveaways
Google+ : Yuliya Sh
Etsy : LuckyAngel - Peridot & Gold Charm Necklace


natcs said...

I love the cell cases and the Red Twisted Rib Hat! :)
you are really talented!
thanks for the opportunity to win.
gfc follower: Natiiii
email: balintnatiATgmailDOTcom

bcbeaveratheart said...

I "liked" Emmakat Jewelry . Paper . Knits on FB under Robyn M

bcbeaveratheart said...

My fav item from your etsy shop are the Two tone fingerless mitts. GORGEOUS! said...

I liked you on FB

Linda Steelman Jarraf (on FB) said...

I like the teal seed fingerless mitts. Love the color.
Linda Steelman Jarraf(on FB)

sirentattoo said...

Love the Two Tone Fingerless Mitts - Monochromatic Green!!!

Dagmar B.
sirentattoo at

Anonymous said...

> Hello i'm a new Fan as Azed elixir petrichor


Anonymous said...

> my fav item is : Webbed Necklace <3


Kairi said...

My favorite item is the Custom Knit Cell Phone Cozy
niuniuzheng at gmail dot com

jhitomi said...

That Triangle Indifferent kitty is adorable. My cat always pretends to be indifferent. We know the truth.

Also, the three tier Christmas earrings are perfect for the holidays.

jhbalvin at gmail dot com

Peach Nia said... love this.

lovelylittledeer at

Julie said...

I'm a fan on facebook! Thanks for that chance!

Anonymous said...

im a fan on FB

writingdame at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I love your Herbal Recipe Cards

writingdame at gmail dot com

Kaytee said...

Lovely giveaway! I like you on fb :)
katelyn.j.stephens at gmail dot com

Kaytee said...

I love the knit e-reader cozies. I just got a Nook for my birthday, so I may be needing one of these!
katelyn.j.stephens at gmail dot com

Melissa said...

I really liked your green asymmetrical double necklace.

melk103103 at gmail dot com