Sunday, June 7, 2009

Something we ate this week

Pancake Coins

Though I enjoyed participating in Vegan Mofo last fall, my posts about food have been few and far between since then. The last few weeks I've been thinking I really ought to make a point of posting something about food on a weekly basis, even if Chuck is the one who made it, or it's just some packaged product we like, or that we ate out somewhere nice. Well, Chuck was the one who got around to making us a fancy breakfast this time and I'll have to do some catch up cooking next week.

Chuck was working with this recipe for "Pop up Pancakes" from a site called Make and Takes. Of course this recipe called for something like 6 eggs, which were replaced with egg replacer. In the end they didn't so much pop-up, but were still tasty and wonderful. Chuck theorized that the recipe could possible use some baking powder, or that the batter could be hand mixed rather than blended to keep it fluffy/full of air. Regardless, I hope he plans on expirimenting with this idea again because they were very yummy as coins or as pop-ups. And hopefully I'll remember to post about something food related on something like a weekly basis. Sunday seems like a good day for these posts, in general.

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