Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Vines for spring

Vine Scarf Vine Scarf

Scarves go quickly, most of the time. This one did, due to the fact that the fancy Bamboo yarn from Be Sweet was lovely to work with. It was not cheap stuff, I bought about a year ago. But as the label says it's "hand dyed and balled by woman in South Africa under a job creation program that has offered opportunity in an economically depressed area with a 75% unemployment rate." Sounds good! I bought it orginally thinking of the evening shrug from purl bee, but I hadn't really thought that through. I could only bring myself to splurge on two balls, and that project probably would've been about twice that. A scarf was more sensible anyway. So I had this in my stash, and it seems so nice and spring/summery, so the yarn was calling to me. I wanted something lacey, and scoured ravelry until I found the right project. I think this was it! It flew off the needles. The pattern is the Strangling Vine Lace Scarf by Nicole Hindes avaliable free here: