Monday, February 27, 2012

Finished Knit: Bottoms Up Top

Bottoms Up Top Bottom's Up Top

Pattern: Bottoms Up by Alice Bell (Ravelry link, it's free there)
Yarn: Lara in Burgundy

This is possibly one of the first projects I added to my Ravelry queue, back when I got an account in 2008. I first saw smelinda's version in Euroflax Sport Weight, and then the designer's version in a yummy emerald blue. Between the two I knew I had to make the pattern, and for a long time I was putting it off until I felt like splurging on some Euroflax. But the Elann had a bag sale, and I saw this burgundy yarn, and it just seemed like a great color for this project. I will have to find a new plan/excuse for someday splurging on Euroflax, but it will happen, I am determined!

I was very good about doing all the things you're supposed to for a big knitting project, since it's been in the queue so long I really wanted to get it right. I made 3 swatches to determine the best needle size, and even washed and dried them. And then while I was working on this project, I did math! After reviewing the other projects on Raverly it looked like the length was coming out smaller than most people wanted. I calculated that the size I was making would only be 11" long from the underarm, and that seemed too short for my liking as well. I wanted it to turn out just right so I tried to increase each section of ribbing in a way that was very similar to the original design. More details about this are in my description for the project on Ravelry.

I am very happy with how it turned out. It's a very neat design, simply in-the-round knitting for the most part, with a Kitchener stitch to finish off the sleeves at the top. One of the things I really like about the pattern is the way the sleeves look, and think that stitch helps give them a little rigidity. It's also a fun project with just enough variety of stitches to do okay knitting & watching TV, though pay attention towards the very top. I wasn't so much and had to frog a little bit twice.  

I do need to remind myself (yet again!) to go ahead and make a sweater for myself with full sleeves though. But I really just had to get this particular project out of my system!


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