Monday, February 8, 2010

Lost & found

Vanilla Bean Spiral Hat Vanilla Bean Spiral Hat

I almost lost my newest F.O. while shopping yesterday. It's 2 days old! (it is the Floating Spiral Hat from Interweave Knits, Winter 2009...and I feel kind of slick having pulled it off in Vanna's Choice in this colorway I really like!) So I normally shove hats in my coat pockets, and this one is bulkier than my other hats. Fortunately I had thought that would be a concern with this had and I kept checking I had everything. Right before I went in the dressing room I did not, so I went back to the dress racks and found it waiting for me on the floor! Yay! I amazingly (knock on wood or something) have a really good track record with not loosing anything that I've knit so far. I'm really not sure how that is possible considering I'm good at losing things.

I bought myself a dress, rationalizing that in black and blue with a lovely print not only is it the perfect dress, but I will wear it for Chuck's graduation coming up in May. And the shirt pictured, except in a muted pink called "powderpuff" neither were very expensive, yay Nordstrom Rack. A place where I find lost hats promptly and also pretty and cheap clothes.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Start to Finish

Chromosome Scarf

I started this back in October thinking I'd bee ahead of schedule for winter knits for myself, but it didn't quite work out that way. I think I got about half-way fairly quickly, but then just as suddenly lost my steam. So last week, although I was feeling particularly excited about it, I finished it off thinking at least I'd get it out of the UFO pile. I'm glad I did. I anticipated it would be a great scarf for Chicago, since this Pisgah cotton yarn is soft but the cabling gives it a protective stiffness that is great for windy days. Not bad for about $10 of yarn!

You may recall I went through some deliberation about what to knit up with the basic premise of a cabled scarf in this yarn. Ah knitting, I still feel like I'd like to try most of the projects I was looking through at some point...particularly the Marjke Scarf in a more appropriate yarn! Meanwhile, there are lots of patterns available for sale on ravelry, if you have an account, with much of the proceeds going to help for haiti.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


New stuff in my shop? It's been ages. And one of my things is a small knit item. I've been telling myself for ages I should get something knit in the shop. This cuff is a small, quick way of satisfying that, though I hope to come up with more ways to succeed on that front in the future. Also, I've reworked some goccoed cards that were in my shop once before, but just seemed to plain. Now they have a handstamped owl for extra cuteness! Hopefully more to come, eventually.