Sunday, July 19, 2009

Too much to post...

I haven't been keeping up very well with blogging lately, and trying to reflect on everything going on lately, seems like too much to fit in one post! But I will try...

The Drop

My family was in town this weekend, including my Aunt Cheryl, cousin Jill and her boyfriend Danny. Our adventures included waiting in an endless line to see the skydeck of the newly renamed Willis tower (formerly famously known as the Sears Tower) with brand new glass projecting lookouts called "the ledge." I survived. Actually after the first few nervous steps it was pretty cool.

Calder DodgingCute CoupleCultural Arts Center Dome

Since it was their first time in town we went to many of the standard sites, the Bean, the Calder at Federal Plaza, the glass domes at the Cultural Arts Center, the Tiffany Ceiling at Marshall Fields. (One of my bean pics made it onto Chicagoist!) We ended that day with a trip to the Art Institute's Modern Wing, since they are having free evenings on Fridays from 5-9pm.

I came home to find a letter from Washington Dept. of Licensing. Could only be one thing, the results to the last architectural licensing test I took. I had convinced myself I had failed this one, since I was preoccupied with some other issues at the time I took it. But fortunately I was wrong! It's a relief, and it's exciting that I'm that much closer to licensed, even if it is only #3 out of the 7 total I need to take (which means only 4 more to go!) A pass always gets me pumped for the next exam...though that feeling passes rather quickly.

Tiramisu Cupcakes
Anyway, Saturday my parents took everyone to the Botanic Garden, while Chuck and I stayed home. We sorta spent the day preparing to have them all over in the evening, among other things. There had been some discussion of cupcakes, so I decided to pull out Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World. The Tiramisu recipe called to me. They were fairly easy to make, actually, and they turned out great. I think the cookies and cream recipe might still be our favorite, but I believe these have the potential to be made again. Cream cheese digress.


There was a Summerfest in Chinatown this weekend, so that was how we ended their trip. It was very crowded, there was a lot going on...somehow we pretty much managed to stay together. Pictures of it all are on my flickr, Chuck's flickr, etc.

Lastly I somehow managed to find time to fit in knitting an entire sweater/jacket this week. It's not quite done, but I have cast off, just leaving some finishing work. Progress pictures are mixed in with the others on my flickr photostream, with finished object photos coming soon!

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