Saturday, May 3, 2008

Edmonds Craft Show Preview!

Aka things I may end up purchasing if given a chance! Particularly if I'm feeling a little Green. Which I will be since it's my first show. (Okay, you caught me, puns amuse me!)




1| Don't Sass the Cat Shower Art by Ugly Baby
2| Criss Cross Earrings by Mary Newton
3| Japanese Flower Pendant by Woven Chains
4| Calypso Earrings by Kristen Friesen
5| A Grassy Place Magnets by Baubles by Hand
6| Elegant Steampunk Brocade Purse by Scary White Girl


Woven Chains said...

Emma, I do trade, if you are so inclined. I'm so excited for my necklace!!!

Dawn said...

Thanks for reminding me of my plan to bring my purses out for that show. :)